Flying to Heaven

My sister and I visited with Used to Be Mother today. There is a Norwalk virus outbreak on her floor but she is not quarantined and we wanted to see her. We found her in her room doing a word search puzzle.

Her face lit up when she saw me. She did not recognize my sister.

UTBM: "Who's this?"

Me: "It's your daughter Shirely."

UTBM: "How did you get here?"

Shirl: "On a plane Mom"

She wanted to show us off to her new friends who sit outside the dining room in silent companionship.

UTBM: "This is my oldest sister and this is my daughter."

One lady stood up and kissed my sister right on the lips. "So nice to see you dear."

We walked down to a sitting room near my mother's unit.

UTBM: "Oh look at that fly. Wow. That's a big one." (It was a bird.)

We weren't there more than a minute when she told us she was wanting to go to heaven.

UTBM: "How do I get there because I really want to do. Can you drive me? Do I take a plane?

Shirl: "You just float up there Mom."

After a few minutes, she was done with the visit. She wanted to go sit in silence with her friends.

We hugged her. Said goodbye.

"See you tomorrow Mom"

Yeah, see you tomorrow.

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Louise Plummer said...

I love that kissing on the lips thing. Can't wait to get started with that one.