Don't Lay Me Down To Sleep There

Used to Be Mother tells me she prays every day that God will hurry up and take her. I ask her if she feels ready.

UTBM: Yes but I don't want to be in a grave beside your dad.

Me: Why?

UTBM: Because he isn't going to heaven, and I want to go there.

A few days later….

UTBM: Your brother told me that he knows for sure that your dad and your sister are in heaven.

Me: That make you happier Mom?

UTBM: Yes but how did they get your dad's body up to heaven?

Me: It's one of the mysteries of the universe Mom.

UTBM: Well I want to be in heaven you know that don't you.

Me: What do you think heaven is like Mom?

UTBM: I don't have any idea but I don't want to go to hell. It's going to be too hot there.

Me: Who else do you think is in heaven Mom?

UTBM: Mother Theresa. My mother.

Me: Do you think you will recognize anyone?

UTBM: I don't think they will know me. Look at how grey my hair is now.

Me: Oh I think they will recognize you and be tickled to see you again.

UTBM: Just make sure I go there okay?


Louise Plummer said...

We're all going to heaven.

Mercedes said...

just make sure, ok. ;) love it.