Letting My Hair Down

BEFORE - short short short
NOW - the curly version
NOW - the blown under version

I'm growing my hair. One last kick at the ponytail, an up do, and flowing long tresses. It' painful. I'm a year from where it needs to be. A YEAR is a long time for someone with an attention span of a gnat.

I go each week for a blow dry. Most of the time they blow dry it under. Today I went for curls to soften my face and distract the viewer from my deflating and aging face. There's a leak in there somewhere letting all the youth seep out like a balloon the day after the party.

I'm looking into extensions. A wig. A toque. What will help during the next four inches?

You women with long hair you have my respect.

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit my hair has been long forever because I'm lazy - yes, too lazy to organize time with a hair dresser to give me a cut that will flatter my natural kinks and frizz, not to mention too thrifty (read: cheap) to pay for it on a regular schedule. Occasional trims, perhaps twice a year, is all I can tolerate. Having the attention span of a gnat and the eyesight of a bat, I can't tolerate being without my glasses for lengthy salon procedures which might generate lovely if high maintenance results. Long is low maintenance and easy. You'll get there! (from Rose)