Quilt Art

I'm a third generation quilter but did not learn how from my mother nor grandmother. My mother inherited a few unfinished quilting blocks when her mother died. She finished that quilt and made half a dozen more for her children using scraps she had gathered over the years.

Two years ago, I took a quilting class from The Sewing Room for a nine-square baby quilt. I had tied each of my baby's a quilt but I wanted to up the ante and make something a little more challenging.

While visiting Out of Hand last fall, I found a tumbler kit of Kaffe Fasset fabric which spoke to my gypsy roots.

With some help from friends, I was able to finish and give this to my daughter.

I love the artistic expression piecing fabric together. I love the permanence a quilt has.

I'm hooked.


Louise Plummer said...

It's beautiful, Bonnie. It's art.

Tom Plummer said...

And it's history. What a wonderful gift to your children.