50 11

My friend EH's grandson says she is 49 12. I liked that notion so when people asked me how old I was today, I said 50 11. Most had no idea what I was saying.

I had a great day at work. I work in retail and it gives me endless hours of pleasure suiting people up.  I visited with Used to Be Mother and we shared a hug. She apologized for not giving me a gift. I told her the best gift was my life. She had no idea what I was saying.

B and Pup and I feasted on Greek food. I am partial to the lemon roasted potatoes and olives. One day I am going to Greece. Not like Shirley Valentine. You don't have any idea what I'm saying do you?

We went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. If you liked Moonrise Kingdom, you will enjoy this movie too. Adrian Brody is diabolical and brilliant. Ralph Fiennes has come a long way from the English Patient in my books. Quirky, sly and not without it's echoes from other movies, we enjoyed how zany it was.

B had a treasure hunt for my gift. Upstairs, downstairs, in and out of rooms to find a mini iPad. You have to love a man who knows how to keep the magic in a relationship.

Well wishes from friends, some Crave cupcakes, a beautiful lily plant, and phone calls from our children made the day perfect.

50 11 not so bad.

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