Shopping Etiquette and other Observations

I work part time retail these days at Banana Republic. I have yet to bring a pay cheque home but I have a growing number of white bags with zebras running across them. I've cast aside my schlep clothes worn at home or to the gym and dress up like I would for church but not. The clothes are fabulous; everyone in my family likes to wear them. The staff are fun-loving.  The  customers range from early teens to late 90s. I feel like I am playing every shift.

Retail provides a perfect place to watch human nature. Some of the annoying:

1) Rifling through carefully folded stacks of clothing to find your size makes extra work for the sales staff. Just ask someone to help you find a size.

2) Holding up to your body a garment on a hanger  to see how it fits isn't ever going to tell the whole story. A fitting room will.

3) Browsing with your eyes and not your hands. (I'm still stuck on point 1).

4) Trying on things and then deciding you don't like them or want them, take a minute to put them back on the hanger. Don't turn into that teen who messes your house. (Doesn't this sound like point 1? )
5) Saying you'll come back for something when you know you won't. You won't hurt our feelings but just saying you don't want it or you want to look around somewhere else.

Some of the great include:

1) When a customer accepts a suggested garment outside her comfort zone, she is always surprised how much she likes it. Every day someone will say, I would never have thought of that.

2) When a partner knows the exact size for the person they are buying.

3) When a customer finds that perfect outfit for the occasion.

4) When I get to use my 50% discount.

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