Music Worms

You get stuck in the decades past when you listen only to classic rock or classical music. Who doesn't enjoy Vivaldi, Handel, The Who, Van Morrison, Brahms? I wonder if musicians now feel the same way about their music as artists felt about their art after Michelangelo came on the scene?

Whether I am watching a movie, practising yoga at the studio, or working at BR, I hear music whose lyrics I don't know nor the name of the groups who make that music. One song in particular whose lyrics go "show a little faith in me" wormed its way into my psyche and it replays several dozen times in my day.  After a google search I found the title and group: Silver and Gold by Noah and the Whale.

This lead me to another search "trending music".

Time suggests these are the top groups (so far). Of the list I had only heard of one, Will Pharrell.

What do you listen to? Is it important to you to stay current with music? What's your fav all time song?

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Louise Plummer said...

I still love the music of the thirties and forties. Jerome Kern, Gershwin, Cole Porter, etc. I love anything I can sing along with. Sometimes I get songs I like from movies that I missed the first time they came around.

I don't worry about keeping up with the music scene. It changes so rapidly.